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If you are thinking of visiting Tobago rest assured that this tropical paradise has more than enough beaches for you to pick your favourites and visit one every day of the week! Although there are many more than 7 we have picked our favourties to share with you.


1 Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point is truly a postcard worthy beach with it’s beautiful white sands and turquoise waters. Located on the West of Tobago Pigeon Point is definitely in the running for one of Tobago’s best beaches. It’s thatched roof jetty is often seen in Tobago tourism campaigns and is seen as a symbol of Tobago by many. This jetty is the starting point for tours out to the Buccoo Reef to snorkel and No Mans Land. This beach has all the facilities you need with watersports, restaurants, shops and bars. Just a 10 minutes drive from us at Poolside Apartments Tobago. Paradise comes to mind as you relax back under the swaying palms, the white sand and clear water.


2 Mount Irvine Beach

Mount Irvine Bay is just a 5 minutes drive from us at Poolside Apartments Tobago. Perfect for a family day out the beach has all the facilities you will need. We enjoy fantastic snorkelling here and have seen numerous parrot fish, squid, angel fish, eels, octopus, lobster, butterfly fish – you get the picture I could go on and on. There are 2 sides to this beach surfers side and the hotel side which is open to all. 2 restaurants and bars we recommend Anchor Bar and Grill which is on the surfers side. Incidentally it just takes a 5 minutes walk to go from one side to the other! If surfing is for you then you can either surf like a pro or take some lessons surfers side where you will also find some beach huts where you can take some shade and relax. Watersports are available on the hotel side with kayaks, water mattresses and stand up paddle available. We love this beach maybe because it’s so close to us go and experience Mt Irvine Beach for yourself.



3 Englishman’s Bay

Englishman’s Bay is also a favourite and strong contender for best beaches in Tobago. This bay has long been a marine protected area for its beautiful coral reefs and wonderful habitat for nesting sea turtles. The loose grain sand is a big plus for turtles who love to nest here. This Bay is a favourite for divers and snorkellers because of the extensive marine life that you will find all year round. it’s a scenic 40 to 50 minute drive from us at Poolside Apartments but oh so worth it. Often empty on arrival this palm tree-lined cove will provide you with many selfie opportunities whatever the weather. If you get the chance to approach Englishman’s Bay by boat don’t miss it the beach is paradise lost and you just found it!


4 Castara

Castara is a 45 minutes drive from Poolside Apartments and makes the perfect location for a family day trip out. With rain forest as the perfect backdrop this quaint little fishing village which has 2 beautiful beaches, Big Bay and Heavenly Bay or Little Bay is known for its amazing sunsets, hospitality, stingrays and fantastic snorkeling. Several little restaurants dotted around and a tradition dirt oven that goes into action a couple of days a week for you to buy fresh bread! Don’t forget to put in your order as you arrive if they are baking or you might be disappointed. If you happen to be there on a Wednesday night African drumming might be taking place at the Boat House Restaurant on Heavenly Bay or on a Thursday evening head over to Big Bay for a beach bonfire and the sound of steel pan to dance the night away. We always enjoy Castara when we visit.


5 Store Bay Beach

Known for its crystal clear waters, sunny days, and the laid-back island vibe, Store Bay makes for a perfect vacay day out when in Tobago.  Just a short 10 minutes drive from us at Poolside Apartments you can rent a sunbed for the day, take a trip from here to the Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool or No Mans Land or ride a jetski. A popular beach with locals you will find many food outlets selling cold drinks and local dishes. Don’t forget to try the Tobago crab and dumplings or conch and dumplings 2 of our personal favourites. 2 bars for buying beastly cold beer to help you enjoy the ambience and amazing views. Guaranteed fun for all the family.


6 Charlotteville

From Poolside Apartments the drive to the village is an exciting one about an hour along the beautiful northeast coast of Tobago on the winding Windward Road. You arrive to a breathtaking sight of Charlotteville from the hilly viewpoint. A perfect Caribbean village below with golden sand and a shoreline with Turquoise waters! You have reached the crystal clear waters of Man-o-war Bay with a backdrop of magnificent rainforest mountains. Head down into the fishing village which is as quiet and serene as postcards of this destination suggest. Swimming and snorkeling are great ways to enjoy Charlotteville.


7 Parlatuvier

Parlatuvier Tobago these boat names caught my eye Humble African and Lamb Of God and tell you much about Tobago and its people.

Parlatuvier is a beautiful Caribbean fishing village nested into the shoreline with rugged rocks protecting it in the North West of Tobago. It’s the overall setting of this village and the surrounding beauty that stays in my memory. It’s also perfect for snorkeling and jumping off the jetty but just remember no lifeguard is on duty here and the water gets deep quite quickly.

Parlatuvier is about an hours drive from us at Poolside Apartments along rambling roads with magnificent views and plenty of places to grab a cold refreshment on the way definitely worth a day trip or more!

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