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Graffiti Story Telling Wall Tobago Heritage

Whether you’re hunting down photo spots in Tobago to snap perfect angles for Instagram, looking for beautiful views of this tropical paradise Caribbean island, or simply want to use this list as a bit of a scavenger hunt to help you find some photogenic places in Tobago you might have otherwise missed, we’ve rounded up a collection – to be honest Tobago is full of photo ops of amazing backdrops and sea views. From postcard perfect highlights of Tobago to offbeat options you may not have heard of, here are a few of the most instagrammable places in Tobago West Indies!

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1) Fort Cambleton Near Charlotteville

Fort Cambleton near Charlotteville is the perfect Caribbean look out and surely a worthy Instagram photo spot if ever there was one in Tobago.

Fort Cambleton Tobago Look Out Caribbean Islands


2) Englishman’s Bay – The Swing

The swing at Englishman’s Bay! Situated on the north coast of Tobago between Castara and Parlatuvier, Englishman’s Bay is a palm tree lined dreamy crescent-shaped beach. Golden sands and turquoise clear waters, this amazing beach is reached via a bamboo tunnel then rain forest kisses the golden sands. Totally instagram photo worthy in every direction you care to look but lets keep focused on the one spot that is being mentioned in this article! The swing see for yourself.

The Swing Englishmans Bay Tobago Caribbean Instagram Spots


3) Graffiti Story Telling Wall Scarborough

The graffiti story telling wall in Scarborough Tobago giving a glimpse into Tobago heritage and days gone by providing the perfect backdrop for Instagram worthy selfies with a colourful canvas depicting Tobago’s history and traditions.

Graffiti Story Telling Wall Tobago Heritage


4) Magnificent Water Wheel Speyside

The magnificent water wheel in Speyside reminiscent of times gone by and Tobago’s history.

Speyside Water Wheel Instaworthy Photo Spots Tobago Caribbean Islands


5) Pigeon Point Jetty

Pigeon Point Jetty is probably the most photographed location in Tobago so we would be wrong not to suggest that it’s also totally instagram worthy and should be the backdrop to one of your Tobago vacation photos!

Instagram Photo Spots Tobago - Pigeon Point Jetty


6) Wall Or Canons Fort King George

The wall or canons! at Fort King George Tobago amazing backdrops of the ocean and beautiful gardens make this a stunning location for an Instagram selfie photo opportunity.

Tobago Instagrammable Locations Fort King George Scarborough


7) The Gigantic Silk Cotton Tree

The gigantic silk cotton tree  – OK I’m not normally one to go on about an Instagram perfect tree but this one is definitely worth a mention on our Instagrammable spots! whether you choose to size up to the huge trunk or take the photo from a distance to really take in this awesome tree it really offers top photo opportunities.

Instagram Worthy Spots Tobago The Silk Cotton Tree


8) The Instagram Selfie Chair Mt Irvine Beach

The purpose built over Covid19 Instagram Selfie chair that has appeared at Mt Irvine Beach by Anchor Bar & Grill. Definitely worth stopping by sampling a cocktail or 2 and taking that Instagram selfie shot in their big blue chair. Beach views guaranteed!

Mt Irvine Beach Anchor Bar & Grill Instagram Worthy Photo Spot The Blue Chair!


9) Argyle Waterfall

Tobago’s most famous waterfall is Arnos Vale, a three-tiered drop of 54 metres. You hike for about 15 minutes through the jungle to reach the fall, and you’ll hear the rush of the water before you see it.

Top Photos Spots Caribbean Island Tobago Instagram Worthy


10) The Nylon Pool

The Nylon Pool! This natural, metre deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar is the perfect Instagram photo spot! Do you know how amazing it is to be way off shore but standing up in the Caribbean sea?! Pretty fabulous if I say so myself! With the boat, palm trees in the distance exactly how you take this shot is exactly up to you! So many options really a dreamy photo opportunity. Definitely an instagrammable photo opportunity in every way!

The Nylon Pool Tobago Totally Instagrammable Photo Spot Opportunity


11) The Tree No Mans Land

The knarled tree at No Mans Land, with an ocean back drop this is the perfect location for some instagrammable drama and perfect photo shots to share with friends as you explore Tobago.

No Mans Land Tobago


12) Lifeguard Hut Pigeon Point Beach

The lifeguard hut at the other end of Pigeon Point with the Caribbean sea as the back drop is the perfect selfie photo opportunity or instagrammable location for recording your Caribbean travels and that visit to Tobago!

Lifeguard hut Pigeon Point Instagram Worthy Spots Tobago


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Instagrammable Best Photo Spots Tobago   Instagram Photo Spots Tobago Caribbean Isands

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