Tobago Caribbean Islands | 10 Interesting Facts

Brain Coral Speyside Tobago - Dive Travel

Tobago – Caribbean Islands

What makes the Caribbean island of Tobago special? Unspoilt comes to mind, Tobago has stayed close to it’s roots and has shunned high rise glossy hotels and resorts. Wooden fishing boats far out number posh yachts! and local food is preferred over expensive restaurants. You can really find a beach to yourself they are rarely busy. All that said and done onto Tobago interesting facts!

Tobago Interesting Facts!

Standing in the middle of the Ocean is possible in Tobago! Visit the Nylon Pool by glass bottom boat or private tour and you can be standing in clear turquoise water observing the shoreline in the distance. The water is usually about waist height and no trip to Tobago would be complete without visiting this amazing pool created by an underwater sand bar.

The Largest Brain Coral

Tobago is home to the largest brain coral on record! Located at the Kelleston Drain which is a dive site reached from Speyside and just off Little Tobago this measures approximately 10ft high with a diameter of about 16ft.

Brain Coral Speyside Tobago - Dive Travel


Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve

UNESCO recognizes the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve as a World Heritage Site. The forest reserve is  home to a huge number of species of fauna and wildlife. It is the world’s oldest protected rainforest.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve Tobago 

The Scorpion Pepper

The Trinidad scorpion pepper is native to Trinidad and Tobago and is regarded as one of the hottest chillies in the world.

The Scorpion Pepper Trinidad and Tobago 

Pigeon Point Beach

Tobago is lucky enough to be home to Pigeon Point Beach which has been a strong contender in many awards for the top Caribbean beaches. By many it is considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island personally I think that Englishman’s Bay gives it some very strong competition!

Lifeguard hut Pigeon Point Instagram Worthy Spots Tobago 

Little Tobago Boobies

Tobago is home to the famous Boobies! Little Tobago is just off the shore of Tobago and is an uninhabited bird sanctuary, perfect for hiking so take a day trip by boat to see this beautiful island too.

Brown Booby Little Tobago Caribbean Destinations


Leatherback Turtles

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most important Leatherback turtle nesting sites in the world. Particular beaches of interest are Grand Riviere in Trinidad and Turtle Beach in Tobago.

Leatherback Turtles Nesting Tobago West Indies


Tobago Books & Movies

The books Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island were based on the island of Tobago. The movies Swiss Family Robinson and Dr No (James Bond) were both filmed in part in Tobago.


Tobago Cocoa

Trinidad and Tobago is know for having some of the highest quality cocoa in the world. Interesting tours are available to learn about the history of the cocoa plantations and the business today ongoing.

Cocoa Pods Caribbean Island Tobago


Amazing Birds

Although much smaller in size Trinidad and Tobago has a huge number of bird species comparable to Venezuela and Brazil. 482 bird species with 17 hummingbirds have made Trinidad and Tobago their home

Tobago White Tailed Sabre Wing Hummingbird - Amazing Wildlife

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